Environmental biosafety and agroecology

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We study the functioning of transgenes in genetically modified (GM) plants and in their wild/weedy relatives in relation to their receiving agro-ecosystem, how their expression correlates with the production of novel transgene product and the impact on nontarget and target organisms.

We are engaged in the international debate of GM plants, their biosafety, develop and test environmental risk assessment & monitoring concepts, and inform and contribute to the policy making process at the national, European and international level (Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety).

We develop novel methodologies for transdisciplinary and participatory agroecological research in developing countries and support local farmers and civil societies in their efforts to establish sustainable, locally adapted agro-food systems.

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Dr. Angelika Hilbeck Principal Scientist Webpage
Dr. Miluse Trtiková Scientific Assistant Webpage
André Lohn PhD Student Webpage
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